Best Home Safe Reviews 2016

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The chart below compares the most popular and best home safes that are available. This home safe review guide compares various model capacity, lock styles, fire/water resistance, price and the average user rating at Selecting the model guides you to more detailed information and pricing.

How to read the table:

  • Columns are sortable! Just click on the desired column and the best safe in that category will rise to the top. 
  • Click on the links to explore each safe.
  • Dollar ranges are approximate: $ = less than 100, $$ = less than 150, $$$ = greater than 150

PictureModel PriceStar RatingFire ProtectionWater ProtectionCapacity (cubic feet)Lock Type
SentrySafe SFW123DSB
$$$4.1YesYes1.23Combo Dial
Paragon Lock & Safe
$$4NoNo1.8Digital Code
BARSKA Biometric Safe
SentrySafe H2300
$4.2YesYes0.36Lock + Key
SentrySafe X055
$4.2NoNo.5Digital Code
ParaGuard Premiere
$$4.2NoNo1.7Digital Code
First Alert 2096DF
$$4.8NoNo2.14Digital Code
Stack-On PS-520$$4.1NoNoDigital Code

Best Home Safes Buying Guide – Things to Look For

Size, Capacity, and Placement

When choosing a safe, you need to determine WHERE the safe will be placed, and WHAT will be placed in it. Always buy a safe with more capacity than you require to give you some wiggle room, or you acquire new valuables. Take measurements of the space you have set-up for it so you know exactly what size you need. Also take into account the types of items that will be stored; jewelry, documents, firearms etc… Many safes are specialized for certain items providing shelves and special storage systems. Gun safes are highly specialized in that they provide racks for long riffles and pistols. Lastly, placement of the safe is very important when considering what will go in the safe. It is not advisable to keep a safe with fire-items on the floor and if you wast to place a safe mounted on the wall you need to make sure the safe is indeed mountable and you have a strong enough wall for mounting.

Type of Lock

You have a few options when choosing the type of locking mechanism of your safe. The three common ones are: combination lock, keypad, and biometric. Biometric locks are opened using a fingerprint scanner that will open based on it’s prerecorded fingerprint scans. These are excellent for quick access. Choose the lock that makes sense for your home

Fire and Water Ratings

Always look for a safe that is weatherproof and has a decent fireproof rating. The standard fireproof rating is usually 1000 degrees F for 30 minutes. While having some protection is great, these ratings are underwhelming considering a house fire usually lasts much longer than 30 minutes and reaches higher temperatures. Additionally, even after the fire is out, the safe will remain hot for some time. It is always a good idea to purchase a separate fireproof box for sensitive items such as documents and store that box inside the safe with a higher burglar rating.

Steel Gauge

Composite safes vary greatly in the thickness of the metal from 18 to 7 gauge. Fire and gun cabinets typically are higher gauge steel (thin) but offer little in the burglary protection. If you are going to buy a combination safe it is a good idea to stick between 7-10 gauge steel. Also try to check the thickness of steel all the way around the safe. Sometimes manufacturers will  make the walls of the safe much weaker than the door making the safe easier to be accessed via power drill.

Why Buy a Home Safe?

It’s true that there’s no perfect home security system. This is why most homeowners rely on putting up several levels of security in order to discourage criminals from entering their home. When criminals do enter their home, they should have a hard time breaking through all the security levels. But given enough time and expertise, an expert criminal can still break through all those levels. This is why you have to make sure that the final security level is the toughest of them all so that your belongings will be kept safe. Home safe reviews has listed some excellent reasons why a home safe is the number one item to protect your valuables.

Different Security Levels

If you’re like most homeowners, you have these security levels securing your home. We’ll also talk about their weaknesses as compared to a home safe.


Dogs are good deterrents because they can warn you of possible intruders and they can intimidate them. However, dogs can be controlled as well. Worse, they can be poisoned.

Also, a huge Rottweiler won’t be able to help you if your intruder is someone you know – like a friend or family member that’s always in your home.
A home safe can’t be controlled. It can’t be poisoned as well. In addition, only you know the combination to the safe so even your friends or family members can’t access it even if they’re already in front of the safe.


This is the most common home security option. Unfortunately, locks have been picked for countless of years now. Sure, lock manufacturers are putting up additional measures to prevent the locks from being picked. However, they’re usually a step or two behind criminals. Did you know that a lock can be picked in seconds using just hair pins? Just about anyone can also buy a complete lock picking set online. On the other hand, only the most experienced locksmiths that specialize in safes can open a safe without the combination. But even so, it takes them hours to do it. This is why criminals that can do it don’t usually bother with safes.

Alarm system

A lot of homes are equipped with security systems and a lot of these homes are still burglarized. A criminal with enough knowledge in wiring can easily overcome this security level. Besides, the crudest burglars won’t even bother to shut the alarm system down. They can just break in your door, gather all valuables in sight, and be out of your home in seconds.

If your valuables are in a safe, they won’t have time to grab everything in it before the police arrive. Of course, they wouldn’t bother carrying the safe out.


Having a firearm at home is a good home defense measure. However, it’s not really a good home security measure. In order for you to use it for home defense, you should be awake. Unfortunately for you, cat burglars are known as such for a reason. Also, having a firearm won’t be able to help you if you’re not home when the burglars strike.

A firearm is only as effective as the user, and if you’re not there, it’s not effective at all. Sure, you can broadcast to the whole world that you’re armed in your home. But if the burglars really want to burglarize your home, they’ll just wait for you to go on vacation.While a home safe won’t start firing bullets at the first sight of a burglar, it serves as the next best thing – a fortress.

Why Buy a Home Safe?

By now, you should know the advantages of a home safe over the other security measures. However, this is not to say that those security measures are bad. It’s still a good idea to set up several security measures.
Buying a home safe and putting all your valuables in them present many other benefits. Here are some of them:

You can hide a safe

Burglars are opportunistic criminals. Usually, they just jump at the opportunity of grabbing every valuable in sight. With a hidden safe, they usually won’t bother looking for it because they’re operating on borrowed time.You can protect your valuables from other elements.

In addition to protecting your valuables from criminals, you can also protect them from other elements like fires and dust. There are even some safes that are flood-proof. There’s a saying that it’s better to be burglarized than fall victim to a fire or a flood. Well, having a safe protects your valuables from all three.

Trusted by Banks

A security measure that’s trusted by banks should be good enough for your home. We all know that banks use safes to store their depositors’ money and other valuables. Sure, they use more sophisticated safes. However, the same theory applies. You’ll just be using a scaled-down version of what they’re using. That’s more than good enough for you, your home, your family, and your valuables. That answers the question – why buy a home safe?


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