SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23 Cubic Feet Combination Fire-Safe Review

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In this SentrySafe SFW123DSB review, we take a look at what makes this such a popular model, how it works and the special features it has to offer, while also learning a little bit about the Sentry Safe Company and the other types of products they manufacture.

The Sentry safe company was founded in 1930, and is based out of Rochester New York and Shanghai China. Sentry also has offices in Canada, Japan and the United Kingdom and provides customers all over the world with low priced waterproof and fire resistant security storage safes.

SentrySafe SFW123DSB Review

What The Sentry Safe SFW123DSB has in Store for you

According to consumers, this company, and this model in particular will give you peace of mind when it comes to knowing with certainty that your most valuable keepsakes will remain secure. This large model offers a large cabinet sized compartment and a removable shelf that’s able to accommodate DVDs, documents, jewelry, books, guns, CDs, and ammo.

Weighing in at just over 90 pounds, the safe is large enough to help deter intruders from carrying the safe off of your property, after they’ve been unable to open the key configuration and the dual combination lock. Additionally, the mounting points which are located on the bottom of this safe, allows the user to firmly secure the safe to the ground. The safe features thick stainless steel doors that provide no visible seams that an intruder can use as leverage. Additional safety features include four different stainless steel bolts that are one inch and a dual combination lock that provides the right amount of protection to let users sleep well at night.

This particular model has been laboratory tested against fires of 900+ degree centigrade and fifteen feet drops in addition to being able to withstand the pressure of 10 inches of water. It’s also been tested against damage caused by the environment and has received high scores.

Model Warranty and Property Coverage

In the event this model does get damaged by water or fire owners are eligible to receive a safe replacement model as well as partial insurance coverage on all damaged valuables.

For such an affordable price this model offers the user several interesting features. Typically security is the top priority when searching for the right safe, and this model’s combination entry point, dual locks and one inch bolts will keep any consumer happy.

Consumers that have tested out this model found that the door locked easily and tightly and just required a firm push and a twist of the handle in addition to the random turning of the combination dial. On general observation the model shows no visible points where an intruder would be able to force entry at any point on the safe and when you consider how complicated and difficult it would be just to move the model, it’s hard to imagine an intruder attempting to try and break into it or attempt to remove it from the property. This means whatever prized possessions stored in this model will remain safe at home, regardless of what happens.

The people at Sentry Safe appear to have thought ahead and figured out that water or fire would compromise the valuables inside this massive safe and have done everything possible to make this model come off as indestructible.

This beast is able to withstand a house fire for a period of one hour as well as water pressure exerted by 8 inches of water. This model is also height safe, which means, should an intruder attempt to crack the safe by throwing it from a great height it will still remain intact.

The interior of this model has plenty of space and features a removable shelf and adjustable rack. On the inside of the door there are small pouches designed to conceal keys and jewelry, in addition to space set aside for documents.

The interior setup itself is also designed to store guns and ammunition and other types of valuables, separately so that the user does not have to pile everything together in a small space. The inside gives off the appearance of the traveler’s suitcase and provides the owner with many organization options.

The Final Say for the Sentry Safe SFW123DSB: Why It’s So Popular

Overall this model has been economically priced and offers all of the safety features that are needed in order to keep the home owner happy whether they are on vacation or just away at work. The only complaint for this model focused around the extra-large size, however, for a home safe the size is ideal, as it is not intended to be frequently transported.

The extra heavy Sentry Safe sfw123dsb can be used at work or at home, to store valuables, documents, and electronic media, guns and ammunition and is considered a safe that’s made to last, while doing its job by deterring intruders and protecting against entry, water and fire. Consumers that used this product gave it four out of five stars for ease-of-use, safety ratings, and affordability. You can find this model on for price of $155.99.

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