First Alert 2077DF Anti-Theft Home Safe Review

An entry level maximum security safe, the First Alert 2077DF Anti-Theft Personal Safe comes as a robust 1.2 C home safe that is well-constructed and offers multiple layers of protection for your valuables. The First Alert 2077DF is constructed with heavy gauge steel and features pry resistant hinges in order to deter any impending theft. A fine quality of the First Alert 2077DF Anti-Theft Safe is its upholstered interiors, lavish with easy to adjust shelves and more than enough room for storing your documents, firearms, jewelry, etc.

The First Alert 2077DF uses a programmable digital PIN pad as a means of entry, yet does not offer a tubular key method of entry like many other home safes. This may be a disadvantage to those who frequently forget their PIN code, and rely on a key backup. However, the 2077DF home safe compensates with an emergency override key that allows you to open the safe if the keypad cannot be operated or is locked. In addition, the First Alert 2077DF Anti-Theft Safe includes two live locking steel door bolts, along with further bolts and mounting hardware for anchoring the 2077DF safe down. Although this safe is fairly heavy (70 lbs.), it can easily be stowed in a closet or hidden place.

Opening the First Alert 2077DF Anti-Theft Home Safe will reveal a furnished (carpeted) interior that allows for the storage of jewelry and metal objects. Furthermore, the 2077DF ensures your valuables are organized with easy to use shelves. However, an important downside with the First Alert 2077DF is its lack of fire and water protection. Furthermore, it is not heavy enough for a thief to be unable to walk away with it, and so it requires use of steel bolts (included). These concerns should only deter those who are looking for a compact home safe or a fire/water-proof safe (see the SentrySafe H4300SG
and the SentrySafe H4300SG)

Overall, the First Alert 2077DF Anti-Theft safe is an adequate entry-level safe to safeguard your valuables with multi-faceted protection from burglary. With a heavy gauge solid steel exoskeleton, pry-free hinges, a carpeted interior, and an override key in case of crisis, one cannot go wrong with buying the First Alert 2077DF Anti-Theft Home Safe as a means of protecting valuables and other commodities.

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