Fireproof Safe Reviews – The Best Fireproof Safe for 2015

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The following article is a handy guide on selecting the best fireproof safes, small fireproof safes and gun fireproof safes. In addition, this article will cover tips on what to look for, and our selections for the best fireproof safes on the market today.

The Best All-Around Fireproof Safe:


  • This is a combination safe that has key access for emergencies/easy access. 
  • Advance fire-protection- UL Classified for fire endurance ( 1 hour at 1700 f/927 C )
  • 4 Large 1-inch-bolts – 60% bigger than traditional safes
  • ETL verified for 1 hour fire protection of CD’s, DVD’s, memory sticks and USB drives
  • ETL verified water resistance up to 8 inches for 24 hours

The Best Fireproof Safe is The Last Boundary Between A Fire and Your Delicate Valuables.

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Searching for the perfect safe for your home or office is a challenging and difficult task. As with any type of purchase, it is near impossible to find items that are perfect in every way and account for every consideration you may have. Often in the end a compromise between many factors is required. When it comes to choosing a safe, you need to prioritize the main features you require whether they be weather/fire resistance, maximum security, ease of use, easy of storage etc. Fireproof safes, as the name suggests are geared towards folks who want to protect sensitive to fire valuables.

Why Choose A Fireproof Rated Safe?

It’s very obvious that the reason for storing valuables in a safe is to protect them and keep them secure. What many shoppers don’t realize is that fire is a major danger and could occur in any home, regardless of area. In 2014, there were 400,000 structural fires to residences in the U.S. On average, a fire occurs about every minute. This all averages out to $14,000 PER fire. Nearly 6 Billion dollars in property damage occur every year as a result of fires.

Types of Valuables That Are Suitable for A Fireproof Safe

Depending on your valuables, a fireproof safe may be the best option. Flammable items such as those made out paper are best safe in a fireproof safe. Such items include: tax information, bank statements, government documents, important photos, secret documents and/or passwords. Many shoppers often forget about other flammable and heat-sensitive items such as digital media devices, CDs, and film. All these items are suitable for a small fireproof safe.

Some Specific Examples Include:

  • Birth Certificates, Passports, and Social Security Cards.
  • Insurance policies, agent info, etc..
  • External hard drives or disks storing digital copies of family photos or important documents.
  • Important keys such as those for safe deposit boxes, vacation property and vehicles.
  • Lists of important information such as emergency contact info, attorneys, health-care proxies, wills, doctors and prescription medications
  • Tax and investment information such as bank accounts, retirement plans and some emergency cash. Note: a safe is never the best option to store all your cash.
  • Personal valuables such as jewelry, collectables and trinkets.

Fireproof (UL) Ratings: Why they are important and How to Know What to Look For

Fireproof vs Fire Resistant – “What’s the Difference Anyway?”

Technically, there is nothing on this planet that is 100% fireproof; anything will burn with enough heat in time. When looking for the best fireproof safe for you, you will need to make a distinction between fireproof and fire resistant. Fire-resistant safes and cabinets leave room for ambiguity and uncertainty because these labels and ratings are often placed by the manufacturer which is obviously biased towards their products. It’s important to shop for a safe that has been tested by a competent and trusted, independent authority.  More specifically, you will want to look for a UL certified fireproof safe.

UL Ratings and Considerations

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UL, or Underwriters Laboratories, is an independent organization created and dedicated to testing and rating products for safety and performance. This organization tests 20,000 products a year in a wide range of industries. You may familiar with their UL logo on the back of many household items such as fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, refrigerators, and many other appliances. They have been around for 100 years and are a good mark of quality and safety certification.

UL Ratings for Fireproof Safes:

UL 72 tests conducted by UL are the standard tests for fire ratings given to safes. Pictured to the right is a typical UL label that can be found on a fireproof safe:

This label states a fire resistance class 350 rating for 1hr. There are 3 main UL categories for fire safes, these are:

  • UL Class 350: Like the one shown above. This means the safe protects the contents inside by sustaining a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit or less  and 85% humidity (or less) for the amount of time stated: 1hr, 2hrs etc. This is the standard fire rating that will protect most paper documents.
  • UL Class 150: This class is higher fire resistance than Class 350 and protects safe contents by maintaining an at most an interior temperature of 150°F and a humidity of 85%. This rating is suitable for such items as CDs/DVDs and magnetic tape.
  • UL Class 125: This is the highest standard safes rated as such will protect contents by maintaining an internal temperature of 125°F or less. Additionally, humidity is maintained at 80%. Safes with this rating are ideal for most electronic devices and media. In addition to this, most Class 125 safes are also equipped with water resistance seals to prevent water from entering.

The ratings listed above are based on fire environment that reaches 1700°F. Keep in mind that the average house fire reaches a temperature of 1100°F which is well within the UL testing standards. Because items damage at different temperatures, ex: paper burns if the interior reaches 400°F, it is the most important to know what you want to keep in the safe. There are fireproof file cabinets and boxes specifically tailored for specific items such as documents or electronics.

UL “Tested” vs. UL Classified Safes

Because UL testing standards are available to anyone they are often used by other independent or “independent” groups to test safes. Some highly accredited organizations use these standards in combination with other rigorous tests and standards to certify a higher level of safety and quality. However, be weary of non-UL Classified safes because as a consumer, it’s difficult to be sure what organization rated the safe as fireproof or if the manufacturing company itself tested and rated it. Many times a “UL Tested” or “UL listed” label means the item was tested but might not have passed. Always look for a UL certified label for fireproof class rating format such as the one above.



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