The Best Home Security Safe

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What is the absolute BEST HOME SECURITY SAFE that you can get your hands on?! The absolute best safe is probably installed in a high security facility such as Fort Knox and would cost a fortune. There is no way most people could afford the best of the best, unless you have as much gold as the aforementioned fortress. However, we’ve made it simple for the average consumer to get their hands on the best purchase for them. Meaning, the a safe that meets their criteria, expectations and budget. Read on ahead and find out how we’ve determined the best safe for a maximum security home.

No Consumer Safe is Perfect – Pick Your Poison

While there are a few consumer brands that offer all around protection, there is no safe that is perfect in every area. Whether it be fire resistance, water resistance, or burglar resistance, no one safe is perfect for all types of conditions. When searching for the best home security safe you need to assess which qualities are most important to you.

Best Home Security Safe

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If fire resistance and water resistance is of utmost importance, consider a fire-water combination such as the SentrySafe SFW205GRC will resist fires of up to 1700 degrees for an hour and contains a door seal that makes it water resistant. Don’t forget that if your items are humidity sensitive, a safe dehumidifier is a good investment. It is also on the heavier side at 100 lbs and features 6 “live action” locking bolts that provides added security for break-ins and brute force attempts.

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If safety is the most important factor when considering a safe (an it usually should be), you need to find a unit that features the best locking mechanism, tamper-proof doors and thick steel walls. The unfortunate truth about many fire and water safes is that they are often not the safest against skilled and even unskilled robbers. This is because while the outside walls may be steel the fireproofing and waterproofing cores are often soft material. These of which are easy to drill through. When it comes to heavy materials and locks, the sky is the limit.

The Mesa Safe MBF1512C, while on the pricey side, is an excellent burglary safe with  all steel construction, 2-story impact rating and 6 live action bolts which help protection against firearms. Again, if the valuables you are storing are priceless, or extremely valuable, skimping on burglary protections is unwise.


Well there you have it. No one safe is perfect. The best home security safe is ultimately one that is specifically tailored to your specific needs. There are many great safes on the market at reasonable price points. For a full list of considerations, please read our articles to further educate yourself on safes and home security.

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